Calgary’s Foremost 50+ Choir

Imagine giving your group or organization the opportunity to enjoy together, the many creative renditions of a mature Choir; a Choir that takes pride in the musical variety they offer all their audiences from the most elderly to the youngest school aged children.

Imagine singing and performing for audiences that appreciate the captivating melodies of your voice, and the many voices of the Choir that join with you in wonderful musical harmonies.

This describes the enthusiastic audiences and performers that are the Calgary Music Makers. The Calgary Music Makers offer up these opportunities to singers and audience groups in and around greater Calgary.

The songs the Choir sing are mostly traditional selections familiar to our fans, songs of the great singers of the past, and songs from Broadway. But sometimes the Choir will surprise, and break in to something more modern, or perhaps a song that that tickles you, and makes you smile.

‘The Choir members enjoy entertaining, and our audiences enjoy the entertainment. If you have a passion to sing, contact us by using the contact information at the top of the page.

If your group or organization would like us to entertain, contact us using the contact information at the top of this page. The Calgary Music Makers take pride in everything we do.