Calgary Music Makers Senior Citizens Choir BY-LAWS

Province of Alberta Society Number 665502


The name of this society shall be CALGARY MUSIC MAKERS SENIOR CITIZENS CHOIR.


Full Member – a person sixty years of age and over who is a resident of Calgary and/or the surrounding area. Full Members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting, and Special Meetings. If they are a Member of the Choir Executive they are allowed to vote at Executive Meetings.

Executive Member – a Full Member who has been elected or appointed to the Choir Executive. There will be a maximum of nine (9) Executive Members at any particular time.

Associate Member Class A – a person between the ages of 50 and 60. They will pay the same membership fee as paid by Full Members and will participate in the Choir as Full Members.  The total number of Class A members must be less than the number of Full Members.

Associate Member Class B - a person under the age of 50.  They will pay the membership fee as paid by Full Members and will participate in the Choir as Full Members EXCEPT that they will have no voting privileges at any Choir meeting.  They are not permitted to be a Member of the Choir Executive. 

Associate Member Class C – a person of any age of majority. Associate Member Class C will not pay any membership dues. These Members will not rehearse or perform with the Choir. They will be accepted as an Associate Member Class C based on their desire to support the Choir organizationally and operationally at events or in situations beneficial to the Choir. Associate Member Class C will have no voting privileges at any Choir meeting. They are not permitted to be a Member of the Choir Executive.


The Choir Executive will decide and set membership dues annually, and will announce annual membership dues each year at the Annual General meeting (AGM).

Annual Dues announced at the AGM will become due and payable at the beginning of September of each calendar year and will cover membership dues from the period September 1 to August 31 of the year in question.

In the event any member requests relief from membership dues, for financial hardship or other reasons, the Choir Executive will decide if relief is warranted, and if relief will be granted.

Any member who desires to withdraw from membership in the Society will notify the Secretary to that effect. Upon receipt of such notice, any Member shall cease to be a member.

Partial year refunds of membership dues are at the discretion of the Choir Executive.

A simple majority vote is required at an AGM, or at a Special Meeting, on the presentation of a Motion by any Full Member to remove any other Member from the Choir.


Full Members and Associate Members Class A and B, are required to pay membership dues accordingly as described in Article II above, on a date specified by the Choir Executive.  Associate Members Class C, do not pay membership dues.

All Members, on ceasing to be a Member, will promptly return all items in their possessions that are the property of the Choir. Such items may include but not be limited to uniforms, music, books and binders, etc.

No member is personally liable for a debt or liability of the Choir.


AGM - The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Choir shall be held within three calendar months following the end of the fiscal year for the Society. All Members permitted to vote at the AGM are advised of the date of the AGM not later than fourteen (14) days prior to the AGM. It is the responsibility of the outgoing Executive to insure that each voting Member is aware of the day of the AGM fourteen (14) days prior to the AGM.

Executive Meetings - Executive Meetings will be held periodically. There will be at least six (6) per fiscal year. Members voting at Executive Meetings will receive a seven (7) day notice in advance of a meeting. It is the responsibility of the President or Vice-President to insure that each Member of the Choir Executive receives appropriate notice of the time and date of each Executive Meeting. All Choir members are welcome to attend Executive meetings. Only Members of the Choir Executive are allowed to propose and vote on motions. Five Members of the Choir Executive will constitute a Quorum at any Executive Meeting.

Special Meetings - Upon receipt of a petition signed by one third of the Full Members of the Choir requesting a Special Meeting, a Special Meeting shall be called. The Executive will provide seven (7) days notice of any Special Meeting to Full Members. It is the responsibility of the Executive to insure that each eligible voting Member is aware of the day of the Special Meeting seven (7) days prior to the Special Meeting.


Voting at any meeting must be in person. Voting by Proxy is not permitted.

A simple majority vote of attendees will be recognized as sufficient support in all votes unless specified otherwise in the By-Laws.

Voting to approve Executive Meeting motions can be by electronic means. When electronic voting is utilized for any specific motion, every Executive Member must submit a vote.

Unless otherwise specified by the Executive Members voting will be by show of hands.


The Executive shall appoint up to a three person Nominating Committee prior to the Annual Meeting, to solicit contenders for new Executive Members.

The Nominating Committee Chairman shall present a slate of the contenders for Executive Members to the Annual Meeting.

Nominations will be accepted for proposed Executive Members from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

Officers and Directors shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the membership.


The Choir Executive Members will consist of Directors have no specific assigned duties but are expected to assume responsibilities as required to further the goals of the Choir.

The President, Vice President, Secretary, and/or Treasurer, as required, will assume the responsibility for all banking signatures as well as other banking details.

The Choir Executive or Executive assigned representative will liaise and collaborate with the Choir Conductor/Director to assist her/him to carry out responsibilities to instruct, superintend, guide, manage and direct all musical components of the operation of the Choir, including, but not limited to, practices and performances.

The President shall be responsible for the general management of the affairs and operation of the Choir and preside at all meetings of the Executive and the Choir. The President shall be an ex officio member of all committees.

The Vice-President shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.

The Secretary shall attend all Executive Meetings and keep minutes and records of the Choir, or if unable to be present at any meeting, shall appoint a replacement.

The Treasurer shall receive all monies paid to the Society and be responsible for banking, disbursements, and financial administration. The Treasurer will provide financial reports to the Choir Society members on occasion, to enable the Society to make knowledgeable decisions involving financial resources.

A simple majority of votes by Full Members on a special resolution at a Special Meeting or an Annual General Meeting, is required to authorize the Choir to borrow sums of money from a Canadian Chartered Bank, and to provide that bank with whatever notes it requires.

Directors shall be members of the Executive and participate in managing the affairs of the Choir.

Executive Members are empowered to manage the affairs of the Choir.

Executive Members receive no pay for their work in managing the affairs of the Choir.

The Choir Conductor/Director and Accompanist for the Choir are contracted by the Choir, and compensated by the Choir, for musical leadership. Specific duties and responsibilities will be set out in the contractual arrangements between the Choir and the Choir’s musical leadership, notably the Choir Conductor/Director and Accompanist.


All elected Members of the Choir Executive will hold office for a one-year term. Their resignation at the end of each term will be automatic. They will be eligible to be re-elected to any position on the Executive. The number of terms that they are permitted to serve is unrestricted.

Any vacancy on the Executive occurring between AGMs shall be filled by appointment. A simple majority vote of the Executive at an Executive Meeting is required to fill Executive Member vacancies. Any Full Member in good standing shall be eligible for any Executive position.


The Executive shall prepare such By-Laws as are deemed necessary for the efficient operation of the Choir, and these By-Laws shall be passed by at least two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote cast at a General Meeting.

A copy of the By-Laws of the Choir shall be filed with Service Alberta. Revisions to the By-Laws shall also be forwarded to Service Alberta.

The By-Laws may be amended or rescinded by Full Members present at an AGM.

Two thirds of Full Members present at the AGM must support any Revision or Amendment to the By-Laws.

Full Members must receive a copy of proposed By-Law revisions twenty-one (21) or more days prior to a vote to approve or rescind.


The Choir does not require a Corporate Seal.


The financial statements, books, and records of the Choir shall be available for inspection in the presence of the Executive by any Full Member. Requests for such inspection need to be made fifteen (15) days in advance of a viewing.

Two Full Members of the Choir shall audit the financial statements, books, and records of the Choir after the end of the fiscal year, but before the Annual General Meeting. The President of the Choir shall appoint these auditors.


In the event of dissolution or total retirement of the Calgary Music Makers Senior Citizens Choir, financial debts and obligations must first be satisfied. All remaining monies and properties will be gifted to a recognized charity, educational or musical organization in Calgary.


The Calgary Music Makers Seniors Citizens Choir fiscal year shall terminate at midnight, March 31 of each calendar year.

March 2019