Full of Musical Entertainment

Through attractiveness and Excitement.

Our Audiences

Our audiences are special people. We know that because of their attentiveness, smiles, and expressions of appreciation. Any request to perform is carefully considered because we love to entertain through song.

To bring familiar music to seniors’ groups and encourage the participants to join the choir in singing familiar songs. Our repertoire includes "old" songs plus new and beautiful tunes. A second mandate is to sing in schools so children will know that music is for all ages, not just the young. A few years ago we enjoyed singing a medley from "Frozen."

The choir has been asked to perform at: Everyone is encouraged to join with us and participate at these events.

A Performance Anecdote

At a recent event one gentleman was sitting at a table in the front row. He dozed through the first part of the program. When we began signing Alexander’s Ragtime Band he perked up, started singing and beating time. Later his wife told us that both of them had sung in bands when they were young and that “Alexander” was one of their favourite songs.

Programming Performances

Our audiences seem pleased with our performances and enthusiastic about sing-alongs. Several venues invite us back at least once each year. A few request performances twice yearly. Here are some feedback that was left for us: