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Choir practice revision and fees

September 20th 2021
A gathering was held at the church on Thursday, September 16 with fifteen members in attendance.  A discussion was held regarding the plans for the coming year, followed by a sing along.  Due to the current public restrictions and not being able to sing in the church as of Monday, September 20th, practices will resume on September 23rd via Zoom.  Nancy Thompson will send an email with the ZOOM  link to members enabling them to join at 9:00 AM weekly for a chat time with practices beginning at 9:30 AM

FEES will be collected this year and the cost is $100 due by September 30th.  Payment can be made by cash or cheques only.  Mailing address is Suite 134, #5, 8720 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary AB, T2H 0M4
Once your fees are paid, you will be able to contact an executive member to pick up the music for this fall and your name will be added to the current active member list.  Each of you are important to the success of the choir and we would appreciate your financial contribution, even if you choose not to join the Zoom practices.  Your membership will help to keep the choir functioning and, hopefully, we will be able to return to in-person practices soon.