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October 12th 2021

The Annual General Meeting will be held via Zoom on Thursday morning, October 14, 2021 at 10:45 AM.  All paid members are encouraged to join the meeting which will take place after practice at 9:30 AM.  Nancy Thompson will send the email invitation to join the meeting.    ▸

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September 30 Practice

September 25th 2021

Thursday, September 30th, in honor of the holiday for reconciliation, we are asking choir members to wear something orange for the zoom choir practice.  Every child matters.  Thank you.   ▸

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Choir practice revision and fees

September 20th 2021

A gathering was held at the church on Thursday, September 16 with fifteen members in attendance.  A discussion was held regarding the plans for the coming year, followed by a sing along.  Due to the current public restrictions and not being able to sing in the church as of Monday,   ▸

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Choir practices

September 13th 2021

Choir practices will begin on Thursday, September 16 at the church.  The building will be open at 9:00 AM and practice will begin at 9:30.  Please wear a mask and bring your own drink as refreshments will not be served until further notice.  Please bring any music you have at   ▸

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